Future Students

If you believe that you can win the world with your blogging skills then you can surely be our future student.

Our Community

We have a huge community that loves to change the world with us and help each other succeed..

Best Curriculum

We are dedicated at providing the well researched and the best in the class curriculum for our students.

Flexible Timing

With our Flexible timing your thirst for knowledge will not be hampered by your busy schedule.

Our experts

Shri Keemti Lal Jain


Subash Kumar Jain


Mr. Sudhir jain


Dr. Roma Dullat


About us

Lord Mahavira Jain Public School, established on April 15, 2008 is an institute with a mission to impact Value- Oriented Quality Education with emphasis on National Integration to develop children as a good human beings with well overall developed Personality, scientific mindset and a global outlook.

Our mission

our commitment is to provide a seamless and well-articulated experience for young students.

Our vision

Technocrats are reigning supreme in 21st century. Computers, laptops, projectors, slide shows have become part and parcel of education. Conventional methods of teaching must undergo drastic changes. Although there is no substitute for conventional form of teaching but there is need to update traditional methods.