our vission

Technocrats are reigning supreme in 21st century. Computers, laptops, projectors, slide shows have become part and parcel of education. Conventional methods of teaching must undergo drastic changes. Although there is no substitute for conventional form of teaching but there is need to update traditional methods.

‘Every day’ prayers are offered to god Almighty to seek his blessing.

The prayers go up and the blessing come down. The pollution free vicinity is health conducive. Pure and fresh air are the rare but here in this school, they are in abundance. The bush green surrounding gives peace and solace to the mind. You can feel the throb of vitality and serenity in the Alma-mater.

 To equip the students with modern tools of education.

 To equip the teacher by modernizing interactive approach.

 To update teaching and learning process.

 To teach moral values which are fast and waning.

 To develop wholesome personality of child. To build ethical citizens of society.

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