School’s future will be shaped by the core values that have defined our past: academic freedom, tolerance, and experimentation.

Our Motto

our commitment is to provide a seamless and well-articulated experience for young students.


At Lord Mahavira Jain Public School our main objective is to make each student a modern who can take the world in his stride.

We aim to groom every child’s all round personality rather than providing mere bookish knowledge. To provide opportunities to become responsible and useful members of the society.

To develop a nationalistic outlook so that they become disciplined citizens of the country. In short, Lord Mahavira Jain Public School presents a modest effort in taking initiative to impart education in an innovative and unconventional manner.

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About Us

Lord Mahavira Jain Public School, established on 15 April 2008 is an institute with a mission to impart value-oriented Quality Education.The most modern infrastructure, comprehensive facilities that are at par with the best in the country.



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